A Guide on Using the Sentinel Exidio #dVPN app, the world’s 1st decentralised VPN application

Features & Pros when Using #dVPN over traditional VPNs

  • The Sentinel dVPN can prove that your connection is being end to end encrypted with no exceptions.
  • The Sentinel dVPN doesn’t control and own the exit-servers that you trust to safely and securely browse the internet.
  • The Sentinel dVPN does not hold/store users’ data hence unlike with traditional VPN services, there is no single point of failure.

Exidio’s Sentinel #dVPN app

Where can i get it from?

Guide on Using the Exidio Sentinel #dVPN app

Initial Set Up and Funding

Connecting to Nodes

Connecting to a Node




A Cøsmos pleb.

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Johnnie Cosmos

A Cøsmos pleb.

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