Delegating on Cosmostation Wallet

A guide brought to you by Citizen Cosmos Podcast and Validator.

Cosmos Podcast & Validator

This is a brief guide on delegating Cosmos ATOMs via Cosmostation wallet.

It is brought to you by Cosmos Validator (Citizen Cosmos).

Cosmos Validator (Citizen Cosmos) is one of those small validators that have been adding value to the Cosmos ecosystem by

a. running a podcast hosting important personalities from the ecosystem

b. while currently creating lists with resources for Cosmos, helping users navigate around the vast Cosmos ecosystem.

It is really worthy giving our support to validators like Citizen Cosmos.

Whom is this guide for

The same basic functions explained for ATOM staking below in this guide, apply for all other tokens such as KAVA, SCRT, AKT, IRIS, IOV, BAND etc.

A few words about Cosmostation Wallet

Cosmostation Wallet is one of our preferred wallets for the Cosmos ecosystem. The guide below is made for users of the mobile version of Cosmostation wallet (iOS, Android).

How to Stake (Delegate) on Cosmostation

  • At first you need to navigate to your token’s wallet, in our case ATOM.
  • You will then need to press on Delegate.
  • Next on you get to the screen where you can choose your validator;

You are then presented with a list of validators that can be sorted by Name, APR or Voting Power (atoms delegated to them).

It is always advisable to delegate to smaller validators (some prior due diligence is always required) so that you help decentralise the network. Too much voting power on one validator or just a few could potentially hurt the network.

  • Press on the validator you want to delegate;
  • On the next screen you can see details about the total amount of ATOMs bonded with this delegator, the self bonded rate, the estimated APR and their commission. You can then press on Delegate;
  • On the next screen you decide how many ATOMs you wish to delegate to the said validator and press Next;
  • Next on you can insert a memo although you are not required to do so and press next;
  • You can then set you Transaction fee for the delegation and press Next;
  • On the next screen press Confirm.

After a few seconds the transaction will be confirmed and a transaction hash will be provided.



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