Delegating (staking) your tokens through Keplr wallet

This guide is brought to you by Citizen Cosmos Podcast and Validator.

Cosmos Podcast & Validator

This is a brief guide on delegating Cosmos ATOMs via Keplr wallet.

It is brought to you by Cosmos Validator (Citizen Cosmos).

Cosmos Validator (Citizen Cosmos) is one of those small validators that have been adding value to the Cosmos ecosystem by:

a. running a podcast hosting important personalities from the ecosystem;

b. while currently creating lists with resources for Cosmos while helping users and the community to navigate around the vast Cosmos ecosystem.

It is really worthy providing our support to small validators like Citizen Cosmos.

Whom is this guide for

The same basic functions explained for ATOM staking below in this guide, apply for all other tokens such as CYBER, KAVA, SCRT, AKT, IOV, etc., supported by Keplr wallet.

A few words about Keplr wallet

Keplr Wallet is one of our preferred wallets for the Cosmos ecosystem currently available through a Chrome browser extension for desktop users.

How to Stake (Delegate) through Keplr

  • At first you need to have your Keplr extension installed on your Chrome browser.
  • You will then need to click on the extension and a window will pop-up;
  • Navigate to the ATOM wallet from the top drop-down menu (as more than one wallets are supported) and click on the blue Stake button;
  • Upon having a balance available your browser will automatically navigate to:
  • On that page you will see the following:
  • The above is a list of all validators with their details, voting power and commission;
  • Citizen Cosmos validator is currently the 80th on that list; click on Manage;
  • Upon clicking you will see some more details about the validator including a small description and their website,
  • Click on Delegate so that you delegate your tokens to the said validator;
  • On the example below you have 5.09 ATOMS available to delegate; type the amount you wish to delegate on the box below the available balance and make sure you leave at least 0.2 ATOMS for fees for delegating, voting on proposals or claiming rewards; Click on the blue Delegate button again;
  • A window will pop up asking you to set the fee. We would leave it on average and click on the Set Fee button;
  • Next a new window will pop up asking you to Approve the transaction;
  • Once the transaction is approved you are set!



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