FAQ on Staking $AKT

This is a short article addressing frequently asked questions by newcomers in $AKT staking.

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A few words about AKASH Network

AKASH Network is an ambitious project aiming at creating a decentralised and unstoppable cloud computing marketplace where tenants/buyers of compute will interact seamlessly with sellers/providers of compute.

Token holders of $AKT will earn a suggested 20% of the revenue generated in the marketplace.

MainNet 2 is going live on the 8th of March and until enough revenue is generated for take income to be going live (by virtue of a subsequent proposal), $AKT holders are incentivised to stake with staking rewards ranging for 50% APY to 70% if they compound their stake.

Newcomers to AKASH Network are usually struck by the massive rewards while some others are in disbelief…until they stake themselves.

This guide aims to address some of the Frequently Asked Questions on staking $AKT. I hope you enjoy it and get your answers.

FAQ on Staking $AKT

  • Do i have to claim my rewards or are they auto-claimed by my wallet?

For security reasons, a wallet will never auto-claim your rewards unless you commence an action e.g. when you initiate undelegation of your tokens.

Always leave 0.5 $AKT on your available balance, do not delegate the whole amount. It is going to be required for transaction fees for delegating, claiming, redelegating etc.

  • What is meant by compounding?

Compounding rewards means that you claim your rewards and delegate/stake them too, thus, increasing your stake in the network and, of course, APY. On Akash Network, compounding can help you skyrocket your APY.

For example, if you generate 56% APY by staking, compounding means that you could generate 75%+ APY.

If you want to calculate your compounding interest, use this calculator below:


Just enter the amount of $AKT tokens you own and you will be able to find out how many extra you earn by compounding. Remember! The result will show dollars but you should remember it is $AKT tokens you see. Finding out the dollar value you can multiply the tokens you see below, by the price per token of $AKT.

  • How often should i claim my rewards?

Anything between once every day to a week guarantees that you get the highest rate of compounded rewards.

  • How do i calculate my rewards?

Staking Rewards offers an awesome tool for calculating $AKT rewards and can be found in the link below:

  • What is meant by inflation and how does it affect my rewards?

Inflation is one of the coefficients that affect your rewards. The other one is the bonded tokens ratio i.e. the amount of tokens bonded/staked.

For example if the total supply is 100 million tokens and the inflation is 50%, 50 million tokens are generated by default annually.

However, this amount is only shared by the tokens that are locked in staking. So your rewards would be 50% only if all tokens were staked. Since 90% of the tokens are staked 50 million tokens will be distributed to 90 million tokens staked! As such the APY will be higher than 50%.

  • Will the inflation be 50% forever?

No, as a matter of fact inflation keeps dropping every day. $AKT also has a capped max supply of around 388 million tokens.

The privilege of enjoying high staking rewards is there for people who joined early in the network like all us now.

Please see the below schedule including data on inflation and token unlocking schedules:


  • But…but i am here for the fat rewards what happens when the inflation is 10%?

Well good news moonbois and moongirls. $AKT is much more than an inflationary PoS token. AKASH Network is a marketplace for the sale and purchase of cloud compute. Through take income, you will be able to share a suggested 20% of the revenue generated in the marketplace! This is going to be effected later on in 2021. For more info see:

  • How long are my tokens locked in staking?

Once you stake your $AKT tokens are locked. They never leave your possession but they are locked into staking with the chosen validator. You can initiate the unbonding process anytime and takes 21 days for the tokens to unlock and become available to your wallet.

  • I want to get to another validator do i have to unlock my tokens?

No! Thus, you can redelegate from Validator A to Validator B at any point in time after you first delegate your tokens (e.g. after you sent them to your wallet from an exchange or after they were undelegated and you changed your mind).

Please make sure you do not undelegate/unbond if you want to move to another validator as you will be losing on rewards for 21 days if you opt for undelegation. Choose redelegate instead!

However this is not an option that is unlimited, namely you cannot engage in validator hopping.

Therefore, redelegating from Validator A to Validator B, then consecutively redelegating from Validator B to Validator C is not allowed. There is a 21 day cooldown that applies to a subsequent redelegations.

  • What is the difference between “Commission rate”, “Max Rate” and “Max Change Rate”?

Commission rate is the commission a validator charges against your rewards; it is automatically charged against your rewards on every block;

Max rate is the maximum commission the validator has set to charge;

Max Change Rate is the maximum incremental daily increase that the validator has set against their limits.

It is advised that you check your wallet periodically or follow the validators’ channels.

  • Is the Supermini a Staking or Mining Equipement?

It is neither a staking nor a mining gadget. The Supermini (sold out with no further info on future availability) is a gadget where providers of compute can provide compute to tenants. Of course there are other ways to do so with one’s own PC or equipment as described here:

  • I need to learn more about staking is there a guide?

If you need a full guide on staking on Cøsmos chains check:

  • For a guide on which wallets to use and how to delegate your tokens please visit:



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