FAQ on Staking $AKT

A few words about AKASH Network

FAQ on Staking $AKT

  • Do i have to claim my rewards or are they auto-claimed by my wallet?
  • What is meant by compounding?
  • How often should i claim my rewards?
  • How do i calculate my rewards?
  • What is meant by inflation and how does it affect my rewards?
  • Will the inflation be 50% forever?
  • But…but i am here for the fat rewards what happens when the inflation is 10%?
  • How long are my tokens locked in staking?
  • I want to get to another validator do i have to unlock my tokens?
  • What is the difference between “Commission rate”, “Max Rate” and “Max Change Rate”?
  • Is the Supermini a Staking or Mining Equipement?
  • I need to learn more about staking is there a guide?
  • For a guide on which wallets to use and how to delegate your tokens please visit:




A Cøsmos pleb.

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Johnnie Cosmos

Johnnie Cosmos

A Cøsmos pleb.

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