Voting on Cosmos Governance Proposals through Keplr

A guide brought to you by Cosmos Validator.

Voting for Cosmos Governance has never been easier before.

This guide is brought to you by Citizen Cosmos & Cosmos Validator.

Citizen Cosmos is a Podcast for the Cosmos ecosystem and a validator.

How to vote

  • All you need is to have your Keplr extension installed on Chrome and navigate to:

  • On the left row entitled Dashboard you will see a series of options and Governance in the middle.
  • You can choose the chain for which you want to vote, in our case Cosmos.
  • Upon clicking on Cosmos you will see if there are any active proposals.

Then you have an option to either check the details of the proposal on Mintscan by clicking on Details:

Alternatively you can Vote by pressing Vote:

Upon pressing you are presented with the default options for Cosmos Governance:

We are voting for Cosmos Governance Proposal 32 and Vote Yes (actually Citizen Cosmos voted since the 1st of December):

Upon the transaction finalising, a pop-up window confirms the successful transaction:

Thank you for reading through this short guide. Keplr made it that easy for us!



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